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Sustaining softwareintensive systems may 2006 technical note mary ann lapham contributor carol woody. Software intensive systems in the context of computer technology, software is ubiquitous. Sustaining softwareintensive systems sei digital library. The 16 critical software practices tm for performancebased management and templates contain the 16 practices 9 best and 7 sustaining that are the key to avoiding significant problems for software development projects. The book is for architecting software intensive systems but many of the practices found in the book can be applied to building applications. All acquisitions of systems containing information technology it, including national security systems nss, will have a cybersecurity strategy. Guidebook for acquisition of naval software intensive systems. Sustainment done well leads to wellsupported software intensive systems and reduced total ownership costs and should help organizations meet current and new mission area and capabilities requirements. The lg community is a stakeholder and should be aware of, and involved in identifying, infrastructure requirements e. Addressing software sustainment challenges for the dod. Systems of systems sos is defined as a set or arrangement of systems that results when independent and useful systems are integrated into a larger system that delivers unique capabilities 30 not only one system. A software intensive system is anysystem where software contributes essential. These practices have been gathered from the crucible of realworld, largescale, software development and maintenance projects. Within institute of electrical and electronics engineers ieee parlance, this is a recommended practice, the least normative of its standards.

Introduction as time passes and system complexity increases, a riskcentered practice approach applied at a local level often is not sufficient to sustain an adequate level of security or software assurance. Firstly, technical complexity grows as hardware and software have to. Architecture is recognized as a critical element in successful softwareintensive systemscomplex systems where software contributes essential influences to the design, construction, deployment and evolution of the system as a whole. No definitive definition of software sustainment has been found, so our working definition is. Carol woody, phd may 2006 acquisition support program unlimited distribution subject to the. Software intensive system how is software intensive system. Systems and software producibility collaboration and. This workshop is a key part of the iccbss transition and will determine the future focus for the conference. National security systems nss, supportability and interoperability functions. Filter by location to see it systems administrator salaries in your area. Ieee 1471ansiieee 14712000 recommended practice for architecture description of softwareintensive systems.

Principles of the architecture of softwareintensive systems description. Software assurance swa is defined as the level of confidence that software is free from. Sustaining softwareintensive systems a conundrum author. Achieving the support concept and sustaining operational capability. Softwareintensive systems producibility initiative information directorate software is the prime enabler of complex weapons systems and command and control infrastructure s ft i th l t ll d t d d th t bl ti l t f lsoftware is the least well understood and the most problematic element of largescale systems little underlying science. Sustaining software intensive systems a conundrum mary ann lapham. Visit payscale to research systems administrator salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more. Complexity in the application domains of software intensive systems is continuously growing due to at least two reasons. The it system administrator has to design, organize, modify and support the organizations computer systems. System requirements system requirements are all of the requirements requirements at the system level that describe the functions which the system as a whole should fulfill to satisfy the stakeholder needs and requirements stakeholder needs and requirements, and are expressed in an appropriate combination of textual statements, views, and nonfunctional requirements.

Committee nrac panel on software intensive systems. This paper describes the adaptations that systems engineers should make to their skills and approaches in order to engineer softwareintensive systems better. Modern softwareintensive systems face the confusing and multifaceted challenge of sustainment. This technical note discusses these questions and presents definitions, related issues, future considerations, and recommendations for sustaining softwareintensive systems. To sustain these systems organizations must define sustain ment, meet criteria to enter. Apply systems engineering specialist skills to the software intensive system. The architecture of softwareintensive systems under the auspices of the ieee software engineering competency recognition program secrp, the following two courses have been developed as a part of the curriculum on the architecture of softwareintensive systems. These professionals have to upgrade and manage the software and hardware. What is the definition of softwareintensive system. Fortunately, proven tools and techniques exist for every facet of software estimation. Adapting systems engineering for softwareintensive systems.

Proceedings of the 5th workshop on variability modeling of software intensive systems vamos11 namur belgium jan 2011 software systems have to face evolving requirements from information system stakeholders, infrastructure modifications, and evolving rationales about the implementation. Students may pursue the certificate concurrently with any graduate degree program in the school. Softwareintensive systems producibility initiative software is the prime enabler of complex weapons systems and command and control infrastructure software is the least well understood and the most problematic element of largescale systems little underlying science minimal engineering knowledge base software. Agile methods in project organisations constitute only one step towards the realization of an adaptable, quick and efficient product development organization. Some systems engineering activities require specific engineering skills as opposed to the generalist skills in section 3 below. Estimating softwareintensive systems brings them together in a realworld guidebook that will help software managers, engineers, and customers immediately improve their estimatesand drive continuing improvements over time. An example of what i mean by applications is web applications, rias, or thick client applications that are not delivered as bundled software releases or any system that is not hardware intensive. For such softwareintensive systems, a preventive dynamic and static. Shepherding a softwareintensive system through project development to implementation is just the beginning of the saga.

Chief systems engineer, software architect, chief software engineer, process compliance. Feb 01, 2019 software intensive systems are of various types, ranging from enterprise systems to iots and cps to industrial control systems where software plays a vital role towards design, construction and implementation of such systems. Technical data and computer software rights handbook 9th. Continual systems development for command, control and. Policybased autonomic computing ecosystems, cities and economies are often pointed out as examples of e. October 2008 integration of software intensive systems copyright 2008 lockheed martin corporation. Software engineering techniques for the development of. The program is designed to teach students the infrastructure of systems engineering, which involves the integration of electronics, mechanics, ergonomics, aerodynamics, software, etc. Introduction great authorization and authentication will not save a system from a poorly planned implementation and sustainment. Sustaining software intensive systems a conundrum, ms. Fabian gilson member software innovation nz linkedin. Sustaining softwareintensive systems carnegie mellon university. The necessity for the transition is a reflection of communitys recognition that the complexity of the systems and their sizes have grown tremendously, and that, while cotsbased systems are vital in todays business, the hardest part of successful cotsbased.

Track 8 software intensive systems palm ii 118 the critical role for software engineering in development planning and sustainment, mr. Salary estimates are based on 25,439 salaries submitted anonymously to glassdoor by it systems administrator employees. It may seem less obvious that systems engineering is necessary for creating computerbased systems, whether they comprise software alone or in combination with hardware electronics and mechanical parts. Well even help you write and edit your article so new authors are encouraged. Research agenda for system of systems interoperability. Processes and methods for development of software intensive. A common characteristic of all these systems of systems is the way in which their global objectives.

Software intensive systems are of various types, ranging from enterprise systems to iots and cps to industrial control systems where software plays a vital role towards design, construction and implementation of such systems. Abstract this article is concerned with systems integration and its impact on software intensive projects. Experience in sustaining engineering of complex systems of systems with large numbers of cots software products and custom software configuration items, including familiarity with industry standard management tools excellent written and oral communication skills, including presentation skills and negotiation skills experience with large. If youre working with innovations in the domain of industry 4. While the wellknown spiral figure showing the radial and angular growth at each progression seems to suggest that there is a single thread of development, boehm has. The processes, procedures, people, materiel, and information required to support. Securely sustaining softwareintensive systems cutter. Support concepts for all systems should be structured to provide cost effective.

The software engineering institute is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the u. The workshop on engineering softwareintensive systems took place in. The cyclic approach leads developers to incrementally implement the system while decreasing the risks. Sustainment done well leads to wellsupported softwareintensive systems and reduced total ownership costs and should help organizations meet current and new mission area and capabilities requirements. Systems engineering for softwareintensive systems, graduate. All courses processes and methods for development of software intensive systems the course gives an overall perspective of agile and lean development in a software developing organization. Successfully sustaining a softwareintensive syst em is a balancing act that is weighted on each side with the myriad of issues that surr ound such a system. Cyber security engineering is the definitive modern reference and tutorial on the full range of capabilities associated with modern cyber security engineering. In 2006, when i authored the sustaining software intensive. Ieee 1471 is the short name for a standard formally known as ansiieee 14712000, recommended practice for architecture description of software intensive systems. The it system administrator should handle any issues related to local area networks lan, wide area networks, and network segments. This 2006 report discusses questions about sustaining new and legacy systems. Integration in software intensive systems by victoria stavridou.

Algorithm description documentation and validation process, mr. Sustainment includes supply, maintenance, transportation, sustaining engineering, data management, configuration management cm, manpower, personnel, training, habitability, survivability, environment, safety including explosives. Most, if not all, it processes play a critical role in sustaining a desired security state during deployment and operations. There are several definitions for software intensive systems. Software program managers network 16 critical software. Concepts of the architecture of softwareintensive systems. Sustaining softwareintensive systems mary ann lapham contributor. Mary ann lapham, carnegie mellon software engineering institute. Woody bring together comprehensive best practices for building software systems that exhibit superior operational security, and for considering security throughout.

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